Consortium Goal

The goal of the consortium is to ensure children’s participation at all levels-family to state and be recognized as a national resource network organization on child participation in Nepal.


  • 1. Increasing knowledge/understanding of key stakeholders on child participation.
    • To organize various programmes for the child participation among the member organizations.
    • To encourage the member organizations to promote the child participation in their own organizations.
    • To initate the activities for the formation of policies in order to ensure child participation in the local level mechanism (family, civil society, government agency) in the process of decision making in the matters concerning children.
  • 2. To promote institutionalization of child clubs in neapl at local level, provincial level and federal level.
    • Mobilize member organizations for the formation of local level child club forum (local level and province level).
    • Form national level child club forum.
    • Mobilize NGOs to promote child clubs to increase child participation in all 77 districts of the country.
  • 3. To influence the key institution (National, Government, NGO sector, educational institution/ network) for the policy to establishing a system of child participation as a norm.
  • 4. To respond and react against the violation of children’s participation rights (monitor, watch, document).
  • 5. To initiate the study and research on Child Participation and publish them.


In order to achive the goals and objectives, Consortium has been carrying out the following strategies:

  • 1) Emphasis on the strengthening with skills and conceptual clarity of the member organizations in order to materialize the concept of child participation
  • 2) Institutionalizing the child participation and child club movement.
  • 3) Coordination and cooperation among the governmental agencies, private sector, civil society, educational institutions and others.
  • 4) Mobilizing the mass media and child journalist to promote the child participation.
  • 5) Develop and critical mass on child participation issue.


A society where the children are enjoying their Rights as dignified citizens.

Institutionalization of child participation as an enabling right in policies and programs and practices in partnership with children.

Realize and ensure children’s right to participation at all levels from family to the state.