Consultation on UNCRC child friendly booklet with children

Consortium organized a consultation program on 22nd June in Siddhartha food land [old Baneshwor] among children. The main objective of the program was to find out whether the UNCRC Child friendly booklet prepared by Child Nepal was effective for the children or not. In the program, Mr. Umakanta Chaudhary, Program Coordinator, CRG Coordinator of Save the Children International had shared about the objective of the program. Similarly, Mr. Krishna Subedi, Chairperson of Child Nepal explained about how the book was prepared Children analyzed the book focusing on the words, picture, and the theme of the book. After analyzing it, the children presented their feedbacks to make the book more effective and easier to understand. The participants were from different organizations like Consortium's A total of 26 participants (15 Female, 11 Male) from Consortium's Children Advisory Board, Kathmandu Valley Level Child Club Network, and District level Child Club Networks and child club members from the districts inside the valley which include Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The composition of the participants was inclusive as, not less than 5 children belonged to Dalit Group, 17 to Janjati and 4 were from other community. Summing up, the comments received from them have made us to rethink on the publication of UNCRC in a child friendly version.