A. To Promote Child Participation at all level:

  • 1. Mobilization of Member Organizations and strengthening them for their active support and participation in the Consortium for the promotion of child participation to gear up child club movement of Nepal.
  • 2. To build up the constituencies in support of the Consortium, children’s participation rights and child club movement ( national, international and multi-national organizations working for and with children as well as government agencies)
  • 3. Enabling the member organizations to Promote inclusive, non-discriminative, equitable meaningful quality child participation as a culture in the society and in their organizations.
  • 4. Empower children/child club leaders/ members to strengthen child clubs to promote child participation at all levels.
  • 5. Work in partnership with/in collaboration with member organization, government agencies, private sectors, civil society, and educational institutions to promote child participation.
  • 6. Mobilizing Media Institutions/Child Rights Journalists Group to speak for children’s participation rights
  • 7. Advocacy to create a critical mass around children’s participation rights and Public education for adults to change the age-old attitude/mind set and tradition agreeing on the rationale for children’s participation.

B. To strengthen the Consortium as a Network Organization:

  • 1. Establish an effective and efficient management system in the Consortium
  • 2. Establishing a pool of human and material resources to cater the need/demand of key stakeholders engaged in promoting child participation
  • 3. Accreditation of Child Facilitation/Child Participation training course by University/government to sell nationally and internationally.
  • 4. Create data base for Child Clubs , Organizations working for Child Clubs in Nepal
  • 5. Establish Documentation system for best practices/ a data base of child participation status of child clubs in Nepal.
  • 6. Establish Web Site
  • 7. Enhance visibility (existence) and recognition of the Consortium among donor organizations and collaborate with member organization for joint funding proposals (market itself)
  • 8. Identifying potential donors to request for support.
  • 9. Strengthen the Secretariat for quality functioning and program implementation.